Written by: Laila Andresen Mjelde

I belived angels only exists in heaven,
but that is not true, just look around you.
They are everywhere....
Big and small, high and low, young and old, light and dark, all of them with their different form. 

Light wings, dark wings, worn wings, broken wings,
shaggy wings, colourful wings, trembling wings, bright wings,
mat wings, playful wings, busy wings, self-absorbed wings.

Happy eyes, kind eyes, evil eyes, tired eyes, sore eyes, eyes that have experienced a lot,
colourful eyes, frighten eyes, bright eyes, old eyes, busy eyes and greedy eyes....

There is an angel in us all, we just have different baggage with us....

Entered Gail Doyle's contest Touched by an angel 03/26/2012