Written by: Dan Kearley

The caw of a crow as it beckons in the morning Giving me a feel as thou it maybe deaths warning It sits upon a house or the top of a tree Making me wonder is it coming for me? Then more will show to join in the delight Of filling me with fear and an uneasy fright What is it they want at my house everyday? Are they patiently waiting for me to pass away? So they can snatch my soul from heavens pure light And take me to hell to its darkly night? But my faith is strong so I shall not fear The caw of the crow,as it flys near Saying"I do not fear you"with a gleam from my eye They ruffle their feathers and then begin to fly Tomorrow is another day you black bird from hell My soul belongs to God,this to you I will forever tell
Dan Kearley:2-2-12