My Dream

Written by: Insane Rose insane

I wake in the morning from a nightmare, adventureous or wonderful dream,
I wake into my dream world, were I'm wide awake
but continue my dream,
I dream of happiness, wealth and security,
wishing I was rich or maybe LUCKY enough to get offered a home
a car a million dollars, or at least enough to buy a home..
you see I'm a big dreamer
when I'm awake or asleep,
you see I'm what America calls low class,
I need help to pay my bills, to feed my family,
I'm low class, I make 640.00$$ a month
can't afford much
so all I do is dream,
I'm such a dreamer, and working my way to make my dream come true
got my GED now some collage..
So be patient with me all you hard working people who don't need help
for I work too, I go to school, and when I get home I have three teens 
I need to raise,
I wish I was already there, but it's taking me time,
TODAY I'm happy, tomorrow I'm sad, I go to bed crying and I wake up mad,
Then I make coffee and I dream again,
I look at my beautiful children and the battle begins,
The one where I make my dreams come true.