consuming silence

Written by: nathan martin

  forget your question mark,
 you have said enough already.

smoking in between complex gestures.

forget your gestures.

 i feel better about things that way.

 silent that is....

  there is no absurdity in silence no 
over indulgence or half filled jagged innuendo's.

 i dont think i like the word innuendo,  
it makes me think of phychiatrist in turtlenecks.

 i need to forget about phyciatrist in turtlenecks
 sitting with thier legs crossed like double 
edged question marks. 

 i think there are cheap prints of claude
 monet on the wall.

 i need to forget about the cheap claude monet 
prints and rooms filled with innuendo's.  

perhaps i could swallow them like when i was
 a child playing with my chef boyardee soup the
 letters floating around in swirls.  

  lucky for me i have a word like silence that is 
canabilistic silence consumes innuendo's
 and turtlenecked phychiatrist. 

 silence consumes everything if you are patient enough.