Scarlet Release

Written by: Pandora Bruwer

Twenty one years of Suffering
Lies sprawled on the tiles
In a scarlet pool
Reflecting the moon.

Scarlet droplets
clinging to tangled black hair
How peaceful she looks
How content that smile
Tears of blood remaining 
on her cheeks.

A gentle pale hand
still clutching at
the amulet around her neck
Eyes closed, praying
for release
Blood caking
on ivory breasts.

The other hand 
clinging to the invisible
Clutching at something unseen
A release from this life
A cold skeletal hand, death?

Expecting the eyes
to open any second
the frail hands
to wipe away
dried red droplets.

But it does not come
The eyes stay closed
The hands lie still
The skin unearthly pale
A peaceful smile
on rosebud lips
Dainty feet covered
in a soft scarlet spray...

Strange how her nightmare
started on an ivory floor
In a pool of scarlet
And how salvation came
Scarlet on the floor...