Written by: norah natty maturure

The foundation of our nation,
The invisible cord that ties us together,
The one word, that enables us to breakdown all barriers, differences and identify with each other as Zimbabweans.

From times past we stood as one and forged ahead to fight for our nation
On different frontiers we sang the same song freedom, freedom!
Decades later still, we stood together to further forge a stronger nation

Unity Accord
The web that wove and bound us all- Zimbabwe
 The spirit that enabled us to scale to greater heights
 The furtherance of peace, prosperity and development

Today we stand in a different century
Under a different unity
But a unity still

The basis of our coexistence
The evolvement of our goals
The achievement of our vision as a nation

United Zimbabwe
We stand
United we are developing
United we shall conquer
United we must remain Zimbabwe