The Silence of rain

Written by: Cheryl Aldea

Pardon me if I’m trembled to speak
For all unsaid words 
That I keep inside my mind
Think no more of your worries
For the times I was deserted
I just wanted to listen to the silence of rain
I can feel their quiet grief
In every drop that falls 
Maybe, these are bitter sweet tears
That I hide
I can give to heed to amiable lullabies
That sound like voices of angels
Could it be a song?
That delights your sympathy
Perhaps they are cried of my sorrow
But you never even heard
Sorry if sometimes
If my heart says nothing but questioning
About the feelings that I thought
It wasn’t so true
Let me join in the rain
Let them fall in my palm
So as then I could truly understand
Every word that was written in your mind
Let me cry in the rain
To hide all what I’ am feeling
For so many times I was trying
To perceive the love that you gave
An untamed love, I was deceived
Try to listen to the silence of rain
Sits quiet and tries to understand them
As the way I wanted from you

Listen to the silence of rain

Written By  : Cheryl Aldea
Date  :  April 21, 2011----
Copyright @ 2011
All rights reserve.