The frenzy of holiday season

Written by: mark escobar

With the flow of people in the city
the time to put reason into Christmas shopping,
has its moments of attaching a price tag
to their affection in this Christmastime.

Perhaps, that obscures the true spirit
of what Christmas really means.
Our attitudes and backgrounds
would paint the meaning in our time.

Being asked to let go of old wounds
and other things that are not of God.
We take a journey of change, 
prayer and real purpose of our lives.

Looking at our biblical gift
when Christ became one of us.
He gave us a second chance
to be partakers of his Kingdom.

While we recall and relive God's love for us,
the gift of redemption and our mission;
Re-aligns us to be transformed
into a new creation.

As we enter the shopping crowds
we come to struggle with sweeping ads.
The siren call of some ad wizards
makes us discern and opt for the right tone.

Hearing Christmas carols elsewhere,
with solemnity, subtlety and beautiful melody,
there's a whiff of warmth and introspection
that highlights the season of great devotion.