Written by: mark escobar

I see that some people
enjoy the experience
to be in a spotlight.

  It’s a strong need
  for some who long,
  await the right time
  that may generate
  another meaning,
  another sense of pride.

It’s an issue to deal with,
it’s a personal need;
like those in entertainments
the important thing to have
is to be popular in their craft.

  In our ministry, for instance,
  there are some who love
  to be known with the people
  and share their gifts and talents,
  along with their looks and charms.

Oh, it’s really a kind of tapestry
where personality gets its chance
to roll into the hodge-podge
of being in a limelight,
spotlight, or in a cynosure.

  Again, it’s a human journey
  an issue overriden with pride;
  that craving for a real answer
  to get the attention of others.

The joy of being in circulation
the prestige that one can claim
there’s a magic of attraction
like a glu that cements all –
between one’s need and inclination.