Didn’t it take six days to create the universe by the Almighty,
who wasn’t mightless to do so as and when he wished & willed
the galaxies, sky, stars, earth, mountains, rivers, and so on….

It took hours for the golden sun rays to reach and light up the earth
and again took time for the flowers to bloom, greeting the rays
and even more time, to spread the fragrance…

It took ten painful months to conceive and give forth a sound and healthy birth
moulded by the brain and beauty, taking ages……

Then when did we happen to be wrong in practice….?
being in paradox,
belief in God but not his signs,

not building up the world in justice and
not devastating the evils surrounded by, in moments..

Awaiting not,
for the time to conceive and give forth a revolution
and to pervade the fragrance around…….

In moments,
never did raindrop emerge into ocean,
neither did breeze into storm,
nor sprouts into forest….

Certainly, wasn’t it time that made and brought out the excellent,
the greatest, the gorgeous and the marvelous……..?
with brain and mind, wide open, look around……