The Violinist

Written by: Farshid Rezaee Araghi

Rays of light ravish the dark,
Breaths are held as if in fear,
Awaited moment treading near,
Eddy devouring the Noah’s Ark.

A figure in black, drunk with awe
Hair in ponytail, by Euterpe crowned
Oceans of hurray, thus the silence drowned
Moments are devoured by the hour’s maw

Bow raised to enamor
And violin by the chin
Then a haughty grin
Blossoming glamour

Fingers of Muse charm
Notes to dance with grace
Melodious rhythms pace 
Ears’ wall to disarm

Words of sweet euphony
Crown soprano’s chant
In violin’s veins pant
Notes of divine symphony

Soft strings of soul
Delved in pure fantasy
In harmony’s ecstasy
Mind and matter become whole.