In a Heartbeat

Written by: Vince Suzadail Jr.

I drove down to Virginia to a place I was before
Stared out at the horizon, waves crashing against the shore
And dreamed of days long past 
Wishing I could sail once more
Feel the salty breeze against my face
Not knowing what I was looking for
The dreams I carry in my heart, they help me feel whole
Remembering nights out on the ocean just tear apart my soul
A voice called Sailor, come on home
To the life that you once knew
Set your sails, get underway
For a sea of Caribbean blue
I close my eyes, dream again, and my knees they feel weak
Taste the salt in the air as the tears roll down my cheek
In a heartbeat I would sail those waters standing on the bow
Bridges burnt so long ago, too late to rebuild them now
The sun sinking on the horizon, it is the end of day
The peaceful scene brings back the urge
To pack up and sail away
As I turn to leave, a few miles out, a white dog passes by
Sea gulls flying overhead, I stop and wonder why
It's 6PM, I walk away as I hear the four bells chime
Tonight I'll dream peaceful dreams of another place, another time.