The Star With A Story

Written by: Stacey Behal

One eye seen in the way,
Starring into the direction to stay.
The plant has a seed,
About the size of a bead.
Far to follow;; but so slow in the light,
For one who sees dreams; so far out of sight.
The planet as a star flying in; distance,
Viewing sights in consistance.
Viewing lanes of signs reading the journey,
I grow my new wing with lead;play; sing.
A for the alignment made for hope,
B for the braveness learned to soak,
The next step; I connect to another,
Masking the figures; a model; a brother.
Pick up on two I stand tall,
Each step and crack; I trip; I fall.
Kind words, tender; firm,
Went from a back bone to a worm.
The city shines; 
I step back with lines.
For I'm the constructor of destiny,
Teaching those needed not to flee.
The mind progresses with indulgement,
Each word each spoken; always meant.
The story writes as the song plays out,
Directions and ways to learn about. 
Hearts given by hand;
Briging laughter to stand.
Flying by go the pictures and minutes,
The money and any debts.
The mind goes to ease,
Stepping into the breeze.
Life is a time,
To live in the rhyme.