Written by: Patrick Cornwall

The ashes have cleared and the rain is washing memories of you

I see it now as I gaze across those thoughts

I was pierced with the arrows and I hid the blood

I wanted your help but I couldn't find words

As I glide through the words I found after searching

I am back like a tattoo which has faded and is hidden

I am dressed in white and I matter

God has heard my cry and has seen my tears

All I needed was the first day and it was what was asked

You told me I don't matter and that I am a loser

The sticks and stones have broken my bones

Your name will always hurt me

You thought I would die and the trash men would carry me

But the cry was heard and as I lay my gift at your feet

I do so humbly and the fat lady starts her song

She is drunk and as she sways to that tune

You search for me in the closet that you hold

And like thunder crackling cross a summer sky

My eyes water like waves on the tide

But I'm riding that wave to freedom 

And your search will find nothing