Angel Swoop

Written by: awoh kingsley awoh

Angel SwoopAngel Swoop

Watch the night as darkness unfold
As the angel swoop over my doubts
A glorious hope beacons on my timid spirit
As the moonlit glitters
As the hue in its hilarious state stooped 
As sex and sense smile all through the ride
Trees crying
Curve snapping
Irony of iron stood in her sanctuary
The blistering blues cushioning the couch
As I push 
Pushing her curve with my poetic pen
Her hyperbolic kiss hypnotize 
The lantern mellow dim
My heart melts in the middle of the music
As breasts sunk into my lyrics
A harvest of echoes shook the roof
Neighbors plagiarizing through the window
Tears cascading as a Potaro river
As I watch,
As I watch,
Had being dreaming all this while….

Awoh Awoh