Written by: Denise Hengeli

Write in a journal?  On a daily basis?
I don’t have the time, as I seek out new places!
Life butts in; in an annoying way
No time to write!  And, what would I say?
My life’s ‘down-time’ has finally come
I can decide what must be done!
Habit dictates the homey mundane
If I don’t write now; I can’t complain.
‘Things’ come first; no time to remain
‘Words’ wave on thru my struggling brain
Phrases drift gently as a passing mist
‘Wasting’ my time I must resist!
‘Doing’ for others seems my routine
Changing my ways, seemingly mean
“Time Out!” I’ll say; “This time is mine”
To note down my phrases, one at a time
I surprise myself in retrospect
Billowing problems now, no threat!
Reading thoughts written long ago
Perceiving emotions as they flow.
Using rhyme I imprison strong feelings
Burying deep they don’t leave me reeling
Get them on paper; they dissipate
Be uniquely me; always my fate!