Dedicated to Marietta Martinez

Written by: Leonard Taormina

Oh how I wish I had known you better.
I never even got to kiss you or tell you how I felt.
God I wanted you to be my girlfriend so bad.
Life got weird for me, I was taken away;
It was years before our paths ever crossed again;
Then one day you saw me at the grocery store.
And I wonder what would have happened;
If I had of been available that day at the store;
Because six months later you walked to the beach;
Went into the water and never came back.
I was so damned infatuated with you way back when
 If I hadn’t of been taken when we met up again
I wonder if it would have made a difference to you.
Did you know I had your name tattooed on me?
I covered it up with something else but;
It’s still calls out my name so as not to forget you.
Funny though the details of your face have become blurred;
But I think about you more often than I probably should.
Maybe next time pretty girl you won’t give up so easily;
Me or someone else anything could happen if you have faith.