Written by: Denise Hengeli

An inner gleam that assures contentment
Cannot break through overt resentment
If we clutch our hurts and internalize
We find life's dullness and fantasize.

We wound ourselves, denying our value
We'll remain unhappy when views are narrow
We're blind to the growth waiting for us
We cry, we wail, we trouble, and fuss.

When troubled inside we cannot grow
Destroying our ‘beings’, our ‘selves’ can’t show
Our quest for abundance of self-esteem
Eludes our grasp and remains a dream.

We wallow in small thoughts and desires
Our lives are empty, nothing transpires
We find we're vulnerable to other's slights
Inside we cry, and wonder, and fight.

We long for contentment but it eludes
We're trapped by our negative attitudes
The world is waiting for our capture
Care for yourself, to find the rapture.

Soothe yourself - love your soul
Seek knowledge from history; learn, be bold!
Self-love is not selfish, empty, suspect
Stand up to others, demand respect!

Seek out honesty for moral health
Success is waiting - create the wealth
Nurture your best points to grow and glitter
The future is bright, no longer bitter