Earwig Brain Harvest

Written by: Vincent Procopio

crawling biting lacerating
sniffing, chewing

tunneling through
damp, waxy tunnel

ahh, sweet white brain

gulping orange wax
swimming, striving

wait, I’m stuck!
what is this obstruction?

a strange, tough membrane…
elastic and taut

yes, of course, it’s the eardrum
foiler of earwigs

gotta punch through
snip tear poke rip slice

barely squeezing through
billowy elastic

syrupy warm fluid
slowing me down

sniffing pinching testing
struggling driving thrusting

ahh, finally…
the glistening white membrane

whoa, it’s slippery!
So plump, so electric!

white cheesy wonderland
viscous holiday

millions of neurons
Storing thoughts and feelings

master control center
the very essence of consciousness

right under
my brown, scaly legs

my prickly feet skittering
across the pulsing ridges

I believe I’ll deposit
Some filth…