Written by: Poet Destroyer A

nicotine *LIFE WHAT A RUSH*

Silence needs to be spoken and released like a cigarette. 
The joy, the laughter and the expression found in a silhouette. 

Inhale the wholesomeness.  
Exhale the worthiness. 

The soul- addicted to all the toxins this world contains.
Like nicotine circulating throughout your veins.

Anger is a venom that $ucks in all the fumes that flow.
Triggers the mind~ and you'll see smoke blow. 

Hope entwined with clouds of wisdom.
Like tobacco strangling every inch of my nerves system. 

Vapors exceeding emotions love and devotion.
Smog proceeding in slow motion.

Puffing the most beautiful spirited bodies and mind.
Filtering all the bad nicotine your breath left behind.