Written by: Vincent Procopio

Adultery’s your game
Now you’ve got power!
With your husband’s best pal
You made love in the shower!

Look how it hurts
Oh, what fun!
Watch hubby sobbing
Pure grief homespun!

Sad to mad goes mate
Watch out, he’s gonna blow!
Blinding white-hot hate
Too late to stem the flow!

A joyride in the trunk
Through the howling black waste
Planted like a flower
Soon you will be paste!

Buried to your throat
Judas head screaming
Soon you’ll bake in Hell
No, you’re not just dreaming!

Coyote shreds your scalp
On your skull he gnaws
Warm blood gushing
Bright eyes pierced by claws!

Pretty face swollen
Purple and misshapen
Once-pouty lips
Withered and a’gapin’!

You have yet to pay the price
For your wicked indiscretion
Old Splitfoot himself
Waits for his confession!