Written by: Vincent Procopio

Hey Toadus!
A ham sandwich
Such that I
May consume it
At my leisure…

Hey Toadus!
Ham sandwich
Is very good
Might I 
Have another?

Yes Sir
I will be quite glad
To make
As many
Ham sandwiches
As you desire

Hey Toadus!
Don’t patronize me, nor snicker contemptuously whilst my back be turned!

Of course not, sir
Catering to your whims is a business I take most seriously…

Toadus! Toadus!
What knoweth ye that I may know too?

Only how to make a ham sandwich, Sir.

Is that all ye know, Toadus?

No, not all Sir.

Will ye not teach me what ye know Toadus?

If I teach ye what I know, then you will depose me as servant, and I will be forced to become master…

Dammit Toadus! I require your knowledge!

Then you will be unable to lead, Sir, as effective leadership requires grotesque ignorance. Perhaps another ham sandwich will ease your restless nature…