A glimpse of Hel

Written by: Helen Forber

They say that they are sorry,
They know the pain it brings.
For they are old and wiser,
They smile… and all but sing.

But they are merely shadows,
There empty eyes will see.
For I am but a vessel,
They think I’m simply bleak.

Their comfort is a burden,
A painful sort of help.
They think that they can save me,
They all delude themselves. 

I do not seek such insight,
Relief of aches and pains.
I merely seek my freedom,
To be myself again.

It’s not profound by written,
And even when I speak…
The words are all but useless,
They right themselves in sleep.

For that is where I’m hidden,
Cosy in my shell.
Here I stay in heaven,
For life is all but hel...