The Capitains Courage

Written by: The Situation

"‡ Captain Courageous ¥ Twirling & Swirling Atop The Tides Of Time ¥ Dropping A Dime In The Jukebox Sublime ¥ To Play One Last Song Amid A Sweeet Loves Rhyme ¥ Captain Courageous ¥ HaHa. to which he says "Halifax!" a confusing conundrum which he often slurs. a condition that rum gives his words. after being left in the lurch, for falling in love with a convienience. Captian Courageous with his mind swirling and twirling atop tides of confusion. sailing into "Oblivion". playing that one last song over and over and over again. the song like prophecy came true in the end. so true about the Capitain and his departed friend.

(collaboration with Ratchel St. Cross and The Situation)