life is a ride

Written by: Larissa summitt

we all screw up sometimes, and maybe life can be a heacktic ride

but dont we all make mistakes..

... this world to me is a discrimination

but to me sometime i can feel like an abomination,

ive done things that im not proud of..

Have you ever felt real stressed, 

that maybe you feel like your lifes is a mess,

i know i have..

but there is man who turn my life around,

he told me im not lost but now im found,


this man has been there and done that,

plus He says this world is not nice,

the man that i was talking to his name is Jesus Christ,


He told me some story that the public has seen,

My Lord Jesus Christ had made me Believe


my world is now differnt since Jesus is in my life

and since i started to belive i feel like i can shine bright,

and tell the world that he is real and that he is a really big deal,

He gave his life for me and you, but dont you cry nor feel blue,

cause he is coming back dont you know, He will treat you all like his own precious Gems and Gold