Contemporary Values Inspire Me:

Written by: Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

To teach some virtue on broadband
To spread God's word from a bandstand
To require more clothes during a suntan 
To eliminate lewd dances in lap-land
To take lust fanned and begin a ban
To fight child prostitution in Thailand
To remove molesters' favorite gland
To vanquish tears throughout the land
To banish lewd stories from the newsstand
To compel greedy people to disband
To stop cattle rustling in the rangeland
To remove abused plants from pusher's cropland
To not stick my head deep in the sand
To teach righteous living in my homeland
To stop mankind from sinking in sin's quick sand
Contemporary values are not God's plan.

© January 27, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest: Contemporary 	
Sponsored by: Joe Maverick