Celebrating Ingumba Iyamagomya

Written by: bulinya martins

My dear friend Ingumba Iyamagomya

We have once more gathered

We've come to honor you 

To recollect and remember
The man Ingumba Iyamagomya

And see the meaning of your life

You were a great teacher

Lived what you taught

You drank what you preached

You were generous and inspiring teacher

You gave knowledge freely

A gift we now know you were to us

Someone so dear

A friend, a teacher, a human being

Endowed with confidence and prudence

You pulled many lives out of the abyss of hopelessness

You helped may up the rocky path up the nasty hills

You guided many through thickest and dangerous forest of life

You served, shared and inspired

In your life you fulfilled the meaning of friendship

Throughout the years

You lived to die but one day at a time