Soup In A Cup

Written by: Rockman Pritts

A carrot was dangled
Before me one night
A garden of fortune
A place to delight

Young and impetuous
I followed my need
A place for enjoyment
And spreading my seed

I sniffed and I snorted
I touched and I teased
I fingered and fondled
As much as I pleased

Young love gave a highway
For me to mature
A road many traveled
And followed by more

So I gave in to pleasure
Succumbed to the need
I went through the motion 
And spit out the seed

Then when it was done
I lay in exhaustion
A victim of love
A life with no caution

Now I am told
Nine months from the date
I will be living
A most costly fate

Child support
And fees that incur
Play dates and meetings
And things I'll endure

If only my zipper
Would have stayed up
Then all of this stuff
Would be soup in a cup

Rockman  :-)