My sons Jason and Jeremy

Written by: Author Rhonda Kay Hero - Wilson

Just remember this and never forget
the things that people told you about me,
is be written in this poem so you know
what was really said.

Never a day went by that you 2 were not
on my mind, sons like are very few.
Your faces as sweet as could be, eyes
as blue as the oceans.
Blonde curls fell around your heads and 
your smile lite up every room.

The day you guys were born I cried as I 
held you tight, your little fingers holding
mine oh how blessed I truly was.
Did you know God sent you guys to me than
you were stripped away on that July day.

I thank God for you daily and I tell him I will
obey and love you guys everyday.
If there were a definition of how sons should
be it would be my sons Jason and Jeremy.
My life has meaning, purpose and reason now 
because God brought us together again.
Written By: Rhonda Hero