Gross Monstrosity

Written by: Tammy Armstrong

Gross insect!
O Monstrosity!
Of putrid death beguiling me.
Be gone! O blemished devil’s bat!
You vex me perched upon my lap.
Such ugly gait and sticky bait,
Of bile produced from concentrate;
Detestable untouchable
Beyond my intellectual conception
That your existence has some meaningful intention.
     With filthy wings you take to sky,
         And leave your stain upon my thigh;
	   Twas it winged gods on high,
	     That made something so awful fly?

O but menace, do your worst!
Quite cunning in your fur so coarse.
I hate you, Ai!
My pecan pie!
Ill eyes behold your newest sty;
Infection of a dear confection,
Destroyer of my grand perfection!
O how I loathe proximity
To this grotesque