Written by: Billy Tunk

Silver tongue oh silver tongue,
Devices for to bring what come.
The done in phrase 
leads trembling waves
On airs  of these uncertian ways.
So what then stays?
And who shall pay?
The interest of the metal says...


Is it but a ploy to plunder?
Words to pull the guards asunder?
Each phrase means to 'stablish hold?
Tempting silver into gold...

It makes this I behind the eyes
Scan the scene for traps and lies.
The lurid sense and weak disguise?
Or something more?
Of life and time...

They watch the tender hold of truth
Decay into the minds aloof.

And poof 
Now look.
a sudden change of scope,

The deals and trends of folk a bloke..
A meaning laced with shallow joke.

So woke,
I was,
From bed...
And speaks again to you instead.