The Joys of Spring

Written by: Charles Clive

Oh do you dream of England, when Spring is in the air? The hum of bees on gentle breeze is all that you will hear, except for farmers, turning hay, in meadows far and near; their spotted, knotted handkerchiefs tied over thinning hair. With grass that's green, this rural scene, broad skies, a blue veneer and little children on a swing, their laughter ringing clear. Perhaps some croquet on a lawn, or gentle, grazing deer. Such lazy, hazy, daisey days and tranquil atmosphere. Alas! I live in England, when Spring is in the air. High winds will lash our Garden Fete and blow down all the gear; with poor bedraggled villagers, from under brollies peer, to find the Verger's spiked the Cup with Continental beer! The rain will cancel Parent's' Day just like it did last year and cricketers, in wellie boots, prod wickets in despair. For all our hopes and dreams, hard work, I shed this bitter tear. There has to be a finer place and VERY far from here! ~
'SPRING' Contest for Carol Brown