The narcissist

Written by: Chris Grundy

No doubt you,
Expected narcissism hmmm?

Cold, silver 
waves shout at my arms. My 
fat belly is warm under Tartan covers.

My true beliefs,
Are freezing their vowels off,
Outside on the dewy garden grass.

Life is existence is
Hypocrisy is you is me, 
Smiling into each other’s faces.

Every one,
Of my thoughts begins,
With “I wish I had…”, Life!

Thy name is narcissism,
Thy name is gluttony is regrets,
Is fear of what potential might not achieve.

What would you do,
If you weren’t afraid? And
Believed in the magic that is every passing blink.

We’re dying,
One second at a time, so 
Im going to start dying in style!

Join me,
And feed my belly,
My existence, my narcissism.