Revenge of a Nation

Written by: David Clarke

Revenge of a nation

Sweet revenge for Orestes
For the slaying of his father
Pitied his sullen face
Cold and no longer with us
Killed with vigour
His betraying sword
Sacrifice to Neptune saying
He ran away and left his life blood flower

A generation would not lie 
But vindicate itself with blows
Marching insurrection of a nation
Flows with blood and vile imagination
Spilling on his head a leafy balm
A father is bequeathed as a flood
In the stilling of the night the creatures move
Pawing as in a place no longer dead
Numbing in the tenseness of the fight
Bringing a whole nation to pay penance
Calling to arms those noble few
That history has brought out in the night
Beckoning a call for something new
Everything is nought that wasn’t meant