Eyes closed

Written by: Chris Grundy

Picture your new girl
All slender and tall,
With a faraway look, and light-up-the-room
A love for music and a passion for sport,
Radiating hair blowing in the wind,
A look of longing on her face,

She whispers your name,
And moves towards you, slowly,
Sparks flying between you,
She is close now, still the wind perfects her hair,
Your noses touch, your eyes never parting,
She tilts her head,
You want her and she longs for you.

Her lips radiate towards yours,
She loves you, you can tell from her hand,
Moving through your hair, loving every atom,
Enjoying every second.
Still your lips are unfamiliar,
Your lips adjust, clumsily, un-anticipated,
her hips pressing yours,
Her chest touching yours,
Her hand in your hair,
The other holding yours,
Her neck changing angle,
You join