the day

Written by: Chris Grundy

I started off out of my face,
I danced and lived the night away.
A beautiful group of students to make me love again.
When the sun went up and I was dying of the Aberdeen
A taxi, over the hill, around the corner,
Saved us from the icy ecstasy,
To few hours of sleep later,
I woke up with a folded heart
I couldn’t find half of it.
I found it later, around three,
I was early, she was deadly.
We walked, we talked
I was all alone, my folded heart an embarrassment.
We arrived and I knew it was going forever,
She promised and cried for her lost effort.
I sat numb from the toes up and tried to stop 
the Mississippi’s mighty flow
the bump on my head, from the book of clichés my half 
heart threw at me,
still throbs, drenching all else, in the grey of the world.
I hugged my life goodbye and promised to be friends,
My heart is gone, not forever I hope,
Now im sitting on a sheetless mattress,
Hugging myself to sleep.