Written by: Chris Grundy

They promised me education,
in school, in university, in life.
I got a head full of mashed peas and a disappointed mother

They promised me safety, 
At home, on the street, at work. 
I got 33 wars at any one time, 
A killing street and 
The traffic light of life on constant red.

They promised me opportunity and freedom.
I got stereotypes, bad jokes and 
a cage called myself, in which 
I cannot stand up.

They promised me equality, in the papers, on the TV, to my face. 
I got a social divide larger than the 
Sun and more dangerous to traverse, 
a president whose greatest threat is a redneck 
Making use of his right to bear arms, and a society 
The crux of its existence is the confidence of others.

They promised me a future, better than theirs was, family, love, passion, happiness.
My future is a remote island, 
Standing in sizzling heat, 
Pressed nose to nose against the other 9 billion sons, 
And the only green, in my life on your planet, 
Are the gases emanating from the pipes of the industrial whores, 
And a patch of inorganic forest kept 
In remembrance of better times.

They promised me wealth
Let them bury me in money, 
And push my coffin out to sea.