The Vacation-Part 4 of 7

Written by: sadaf syed

Though the chances of me escaping were slim,
I would do anything to be back with him.
In his life,sadness I didn't want to arrive,
So I was determined to do whatever I can to keep myself alive.

The terrorists were on to some video preparation,
Perhaps to show my murder to the nation.
They wanted cameras and things for what they wanted to do,
And disappeared saying, "We'll be back for you."

I stood and would sneak away but
If only this cloth would get cut.
My mind was blocked, everything seemed dark
Until I felt a sharp rough part of the bark.

Used all the energy left in me,
But it took so much time and I wasn't yet free.
I heard them coming back, again I'd be trapped,
A one last attempt and the cloth just snapped.

In tall bushes, a few feet from there I thought to stay,
To distract them,took off my watch and threw it the other way.
Before coming in their view, I stayed low,
Seeing me missing they made a huge row..