The Messiah in My Boat

Written by: Stenila Simon

The fierceful waves of life be rude, 
The strongest winds of armies rage, 
Yet still I find myself at ease,
For, have I with me, Holy, a Sage.

Rocks my boat so madly still, 
Roars the storm that grows at sea, 
Yet, amidst the conflict, calm,
Firmly stands my God with me.

Strengthens He, my weakened will,
Reassures my doubtful heart,
Faith increases manifold, 
All my fear is torn apart;

Has He, power over all, 
Christ the Messiah is He, 
Calm, but stern, commands He forth,
"Calm down, calm down, oh raging sea."

And thus, the sea, His voice, obeys, 
The waves that raged drop back to sea, 
The frightening winds, they part their ways, 
And thus, restored, is silent peace!