Send Unto Me

Written by: Debra Squyres

Send unto me a calming voice when tempers flare turbulence 
Vindictive confusion, in dramas grip, making irreparable rifts

Send unto me a slice of joy when anger cleaves the day
Words spoken, in angers grip, from the mind to mouth surge

Send unto me a sliver of peace when anguish unearths tranquility
Instability increases, of diseased disorders, allowing serenity drifts

Send unto me a shoulder strong when chaos wears its crown
Loving heart tender, to animosities spilt, often needs to purge

Send unto me your touch of love that calms these troubled seas
As I lift my voice with humbled heart the Lord will heed my pleas 

All Rights Reserved By:  Debra Squyres....1-26-12