Valentines Day 2012

Written by: Marissa Long

The day that means so much to so many
Doesnt mean much at all
For those rose pedals that bloom so beautifully
Are destined to eventually fall
That card with what it seems to be words unspoken
Are not copywritten from the heart
It seems everything you say right
Begins a false start.
That glass vase shattered against the wall
I scream to the top of my lungs
No one has ever made me so upset
To where im speaking in tounges
I fall hard to the floor
My knees concave in
tears falling down my face
My heart let you win
No one will ever know how it feels on this day
To watch the one you love simply walk away
With no reason, no excuse, no fault to his own
I guess love wasnt meant to be, So Love is unknown....