Visions See

Written by: Stacey Behal

Energy beating,
Moving to; fleeting.
News to be,
Visions to see.
Where to go,
each move make slow.
Distance set out,
Choose the route.
Bound to follow,
Hearts can be hollow,
Abide by the rules,
Learning like schools.
Never giving up,
Mixing the potion in your cup.
Bridges to burn,
As the pasts over; turn,
Towering into the castle,
May not be easy; hastle.
Free spirit for the drive,
Never felt so alive.
Fresh start; fresh face,
As said don't give up in the race.

Two hands to make do,
Two feet to walk; shoe.
Sprouting, growing, kneeding,
Seeing, doing, breathing,
Take me to the fast lane.
Using words as a crane,
Head up ears open,
Leave it to faith and hopen'.
Only you can go the distance; do it,
What are you waiting for; don't sit.
Go out and change the world now,
Answering all questions with how,
Straight forward,
Tac down each learned; each word heard.