The Game of Life

Written by: Stacey Behal

The world can be so cold,
The truth to one to hold.
Look far beyond what is near,
Use every thought to guide; to steer.

In the direction of fame,
Each word you use; bring game,
Never giving up in time,
Some paths have sticky grime.

Pull yourself out,
Choosing the new route,
Don't get cauth behind,
Any thought about the bind.
For life has all to give,
Your mind is where you start to live.

Bright thoughts; bright future,
The way you look; be sure.
Fate comes fast,
Never turn back to look at the past.

Call it playing by the book,
But it's a game so take a look,
The monopoly of Life,
Can stab you in the back; a knife.
The way is straight with few turns,
The way is from experience; one learns.
Keep the head up everyday,
The game of life is now at play.