Daily Do's

Written by: Stacey Behal

"Forgiving is the ease to your soul; Never give up in the journey."
Love is kind love is great,
Put aside the fights and hate.
Grace brings your heart to open,
Bow your head and get to hopen',
Down a lane with streets  of gold,
Talk is cheap; the words you hold.

Stars are bright to lead the way,
Ease the mind at night you lay,
One soul, one body, inner self,
Boxing up each emotion; each shelf.

Do not be afraid to call,
The settings of a thought to stall,
Stall in place with wonder or doubt,
Make a time for you to shout.
Shout out all the stress below,
Tomorrow brings the outter glow.
Forgive the weary and the weak,
Only you can go and seek,
Seek the view of above,
Arriving at the end; push to shove.

Pull out that heart of yours,
Seeing new places using the doors.
Dance in the direction given,
Make each step worth livin',
Goals to be set and done,
Open each door; do not shun,
For love is found in each heart,
Don't walk away- make this your fresh start.