Computer Love

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                   I fell for you long before we met,
                                                   you fell for me too is what I bet;
                                                   we chatted on line the whole day,
                                                   that we could meet is what i'd pray;
                                                   after months the meeting took place,
                                                   I was so thrilled to see your face;
                                                   filled with personality and charm, 
                                                   we will go through life arm in arm;
                                                   a wonderful woman you seem to be,
                                                   with humor and wit made just for me;
                                                   beautiful eyes and wonderful smile, 
                                                   and to be a great cook all the while;
                                                   together we'll be till the end of life, 
                                                   if you will soon become my wife.