Am Running Out Of Dreams:

Written by: awoh kingsley awoh

Time is ticking
Darkness and doubts doubling
Ankles aching for fulfillment
Hyperbolic goals hanging in the air
As the midnight candles mellow into dawn
Murmuring of the dusk whispering at the moonlit
Dragging, and dawning, drowning in the drain of procrastinations
As dusk drag the deep-lazy beast into snoring
Imagery of herself stood before her, saying,
I shall ascended mountains and mount into wings of the moon
Building my dreams in the temple of Jupiter’
Dine with debt and romance with rut’
An illusory pursuit standing taller than Babel
Now, she is forty-something, with her pipe-dream
Still crawling...
Reality sets in at fifty-something...
As tears descended from the region of her balls, saying;
Am running out of dreams, dear Lord, Help me….

awoh awoh