Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                  I can't believe the pain in my heart,
                                                  the pain because you had to depart;
                                                  found another whom you can be true,
                                                  left me all alone, so sad and so blue;
                                                  my heart feels like it will surely explode,
                                                  don't know why our love had to erode;
                                                  life without you is so drab and bare,
                                                  you left me without a life to really care;
                                                  I cry from early morn till late in the night,
                                                  praying dear lord help me do what's right;
                                                  but the pain persists and will not stop,
                                                  I look back and see my life is a total flop;
                                                  the pain just grows more with each day,
                                                  stop, please stop is what I daily pray;
                                                  no one will ever miss me is what I figure,
                                                  I put the gun to my head and pull the trigger.