I will always be there for you

Written by: Demeter Edwards

Girl I will always make you smile in times of pain and heart-ache
I will be there for you when you are hurt, when you are sad
when you are mad or even glad, my love will always be there for you
though you may not see it express on my face, it's there in my deepest thoughts
trap inside my mine forever and ever.

In times of distraught and sorrow I will always be here for you
to care for you and to love you the same way the almighty loves you
I will be your lover, your fighter and your protector when you are down and feeling hopeless
the rising star that will stick beneath your love, your heart and soul
that will stay continually and never decay, a love that will grow speedily day by day
even when we fight or quarrel this love will never go away, a game that we both should continue to play.

Demeter Edwards