Written by: Glenn Sentes

It came to me one coward dusk
Slithering like a thief
The hissing not a serpent’s hush
But that of disturbed grasses.

The moon, miser of his loaned glow
Glistened in conspiracy
But not a single ray 
helped my feet tread on.

The voice tiptoed, I was charmed
To take a step ahead
Then suddenly the whispers of the critters prevailed
The voice hanged in denouement 

But I sauntered still as the voice maimed its call
A house appeared in sight
I trembled up the stairs a shadow passed
A girl in black stood by

I screamed! 
Her eyes a crow’s piercing through my deepest being
I grabbed her gown and tore it

Judged 6th Place in Tracie Indigo Dreamweaver’s Between Nightmares and Dreams Contest