The Mirror

Written by: Charles Ruble

When you look in the mirror,
Do you see what everyone else sees.
Do you see the lady that's confused,
The lady that makes me cry enough tears to fill the seas.
Do you see someone that's happy,
Or just moved on to run away.
Do you see someone living in sorrow,
Just to make it to another day.
You spend a big part of your life,
Just being tired of the things you choose.
You treat your life like a joke,
Joke's get old and one day you will loose.
You have to have feelings,
You have to know that it hurts like hell.
Either you don't care or love,
But that's what you sell.
One day you will start a lonely life,
You will realize the bridges you burned,
You will take a look in that mirror of yours,
Realize you lost for what you yearned.